1 These Are My Mountains 2 Shiehallion 3 Soldier Of War Soldier Of Peace 4 Scottish Soldier
5 I Will Go I Will Go 6 Flowers Of Edinburgh 7 Twa Bonnie Maidens
8 The Black Douglas 9 Mocking Bird Hill 10 Mull Of Kintyre 11 Glumsy Lover /Scotch
On The Rocks 12 Fire On The Mountain 13 Blue Kentucky Sky 14 Mairi’s Wedding
1 Scotland The Brave 2 Bonnie Lass Of Fyvie-o 3 The Water Is Wide
4 Irish Rover 5 Braes Of Killiecrankie 6 The Lone Piper 7 Bonnie Ship The Diamond
8 Barbara Allen 9 Bonnie Dundee 10 A Gordon For Me 11 The Hills Of Connermara
12 Tramps And Hawkers 3 Skye Boat Song 14 Johnny Cope
1 The Barnyards O’ Delgaty 2 Bonnie Prince Charlie 3 The Road
And The Miles To Dundee
4 Doon In The Wee Room 5 MacPherson’s Farewell 6 The Golf Cart Cowboy (The Wee Highland Coo)
7 Scots Wha Hae 8 Leezie Lindsay 9 The Calton Weaver 10 The Old House By The Roadside
11 GreenGrow The Rashes-o 12 Tell My Ma 13 Sound The Pibroch 14 Ye Jacobites
1 Scottish American 2 Massacre Of Glencoe 3 Peggy Gordon 4 Oban My Highland Home
5 Fields Of Athernry 6 You’re Not From Around Here Y’all 7 Red Rampant Lion 8 Roses Of Prince Charlie 9 Lord Of The Dance 10 The Glasgow Cat 11 Green Fields Of France 12 Kentucky In The Spring Time 13 Mirror Image 14 Wild Rover
Scotland The Brave
Scottish American
Ye JacobitesBy Name
Scottish Soldier
1 Come By The Hills 2 Bonnie Mary Jane 3 The Highland Redneck 4 The Ballad Of Saint Anne's Reel 5 Loch Lomond / I'll Fly Away 6 The Cliffs Of Dooneen 7 A Tribute To A Scottish Spouse 8 Blueridge Mountain Blues 9 Drumoosie Moor 10 Ghosts Of Culloden 11 Farewell To Carlingford 12 Rubies And Diamonds 13 Blood In The Ground 14 The Spanish Lady 15 Flower Of Scotland
The Ballard Of Saint Anns Reel
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1 The Rambles Of Spring 2 The Tartan 3 Scottish Medley " I Belong To Glasgow, Northern
Lights Of Old Aberdeen, Wee Doch & Doris, Roaming In The Gloaming 4 The Last Trip Home
5 Crooked Jack 6 The Road To The Isles 7 The Leaving Of Liverpool 8 Weatering home
9 Lonley Scapa Flow 10 Red Rose Cafe 11 Whistling Gypsy Rover
Scottish Medley
1. All the Tunes in the World 2. Ellan Vannin. 3 Fiddlers Green. 4 Making Memories.
5 Mingulay Boat Song. 6 Smugglers Road. 7 My Lovely Rose of Clare. 8 Cailin Mo Ruin-Sa. 9 Caledonia. 10 Rolling Home. 11 Sweet Rose of Allandale 12 Yellow on the Broom.
on the Broom.
Scotland of myFather
1.Scotland Land of my Father 2.Where the Rhododenrons Grow 3.Scottish American 4. Edinburgh 5. Kentucky in the Springtime 6. The Lone Piper 7. Whiskey in the Jar 8. The Great Clan Grant 9. Colonel Ann 10. Simple Folk 11. Painted by the Masters Hand 12. Flow Flow River Flow 13. The Old House by the Roadside 14. Wheels of the Wagon.
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