As a solo artist, Colin touches every emotion with his enthusiastic, high-energy, professional and artistic performance, tailored to fit any occasion, Scottish, Irish, Folk, Schools or Workshops. His captivating repertoire of Traditional Celtic-American, bluegrass and nationally acclaimed original material, delivered with his powerful tenor voice, and fiery quick guitar together with irrepressible good humor and stories. This mixed with sing-along songs and even some unbelievable yodeling appealing to audiences of all ages.
Stephen Holden
"A spirited spokesman of a vigorous Scots folk tradition that is unabashed in its expression of patriotism and attachment to the homeland."
Richard Van Kleek Artistic Director/Producer
"Any performance by a musician with Colin Grant-Adams, artistic credentials, no matter the venue, implicitly educates and increases public understanding of our own cultural heritage and the passing of tradition from one generation to the next, and from one region of the world to another."
"Most artistic institutions, including the Kentucky Center for the Arts, would be hard-pressed to fulfill their mandate to enlighten the public by showcasing a diversity of arts without excellent acts such as Colin."
   Patrick Campbell
Describes Grant-Adams as "a balladeer in the tradition of Alex Campbell, Liam Clancy & Tommy Makem."
  New York Times
Irish Echo
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